2007 the first Balkenbilder occured. These paintings are purely geometric and abstract. The Balkenbilder have no statement anymore. What one sees that’s what it is. Aesthetic by a very reduced arrangement of beams is the very meaning of it.

One day he asked himself: why only Balkenbilder and not Balkenobjekte. About the idea of finding the ideal beam, now as an object, he has been reminded of the very radical, for him aesthetic architecture of the towers of the WTC in New York, which he could see on his first U.S. study tour (1996).

In 2008 he has studied the proportions of the WTC towers with toy blocks. To him the WTC towers have appeared as to squat, so he has developed his own proportion of an ideal beam.

This proportion based on the twin tower objects (TTO) is currently his dominant form of artistic expression. The TTO are designed in a way that there are always pairs – no tower looks the same than the other.

The basis is always the concept of pairs. Surfaces and lines of the design of the TTO typically follow mathematical principles: for instance equal areas, rows of numbers, shifts of a basic form, etc. ... but also individually designed lines.